Enjoy the benefits of a clean car all the time!

The following are monthly packages we offer to help make your life less cluttered, more simple and convenient!

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($18 or $31/mo) Extreme Shine

Adds Carnauba wax and lava foam soap.

-Makes your vehicle shine and protects and seals your paint to make it last longer.

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($14 or $26/mo) Total Protection

Adds Rain-X, and a triple foam conditioner for your paint.

-Reduces wear on windshield wipers, and helps prevent bugs from sticking and eating away your paint

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($11 or $19/mo) Total Clean

Soap and water, tire scrubbers, and underside wash.

-Great for getting grime off tires, and reduces rust on the underside of vehicles.

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($7 or $13/mo) Basic Wash

Basic Soap and water

-Perfect when you just need a quick rinse off.

Extra Services


($2) Exterior Hand-Dry

We hand-dry the entire body of your vehicle, ensuring your vehicle is A-Key clean and dry before you depart.


($9) Tire & Rim Shine

We will personally hand clean/shine your rims and apply a tire conditioner that provides a shine and luster to your tire.


(FREE) DIY Vacuum

The self vacuum bays gives our customers the ability and time to clean there vehicle at an affordable price. Customers are provided a 30-minute timeframe to use vacuums, compressed air hoses, chemical cleaners (window/general purpose), and microfiber cleaning towels.


($3 for 3) Fragrances

Fragrance disc coming in numerous fragrances: New Car, French Vanilla, Island Coconut, Black Cherry, Fresh Lemon, Real Leather, Ocean's Edge, Cool Watermelon, Spring Rain, and Baby Powder.


($54/$59) The Works

This is the best of what we can do to your vehicle at a discounted price. We provide a quality inside and out clean (no shampoo) of your vehicle in a timely manner (90 minutes or less). The Works package is available by appointment only Tuesday - Thursday. Schedule now!